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verizon. >>alisyn: he's charged with killing a man while drunk driving, and he's here illegally. but despite that, a judge now says this guy does not have to stand trial yet because he doesn't speak english well enough. is this fair? we're joined by fox news legal analyst arthur idela. this illegal immigrant allegedly killed someone while drunk driving, a young man 23 years old, but he can't go on trial because he doesn't speak english. what are we to make of this?
, knows what it means to wear the mask. black man's code of etiquette: how to survive in white america. all men wear masks from time to time. but with the black man, smiling the right smile, grinning the right grin, bowing the right bow could often mean the difference between life and death. and which mask should we wear, integration or separation? the white mask or the black? william edward burghardt dubois described this excruciating dilemma in this passage from a book he wrote called the souls of black folk. after the egyptian and indian, the greek and the roman, the teuton and the mongolian, the negro is a sort of seventh son, born with a veil, and gifted with second sight in this american world, a world which yields him no true self consciousness, but only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world. it is a peculiar thing, this double consciousness, this sensation of always looking at one's self through the eyes of others, of measuring one's soul by a tape of the world that looks on in amused contempt and pity. one ever feels his two-ness, an american, a negro:
-duty. he died from his injuries two days later. police are revealing the car was located near horse man university school. parents are angry about how an investigation was handled. police shot the young man three times in the chest. they disagreed whether he had a gun in his hand at the time and the police department determined the shooting was justified but the investigation was handled by a former oakland police officer. the attorney said a police officer and not the proper person wrote the final report. >>> and it is happening in washington d.c. and we want to go to where they are placing 100 grave markers one for every person killed for gun violence since sandy hook elementary school. and just over three hours from now, two senators and a democrat are looking into expanded checks on background checks for gun controls. >> i don't consider background checks to begun control. it is just common-sense. >> the national rifle association said they will not prevent the next shooting and they are also considering banning large magazines. we will have more later on today's live senate debate.
? >> code enforcement. >> code enforcement, the garbage man, i don't care. i called over an hour ago. just because my door faces the boulevard these kids treat it like it's their own personal billboard or something. i mean, look at that. >> probably have to come down --. >> you going to write a citation. i can't believe this. i been victimized twice, first by the kids and then by code enforcement. >> please, can't you do something about it? this is the fifth time. we pay our taxes. >> yes, ma'am. you see, this is a bad situation. when private property is vandalized innocent people are stuck with the expense of fixing it and when public property is fixed, tax dollars are spent cleaning it up instead of providing other services to the public. you want to know who's doing it? >> yes. >> (music). >> hey, check this out. i think that's ed. >> what you got? let me see. that you? >> what have you got? >> no way, man. >> no way, man. >> don't nobody believe you. if you are x, prove it. >> hey, sure looks like it to me . >> oh, man, he's x >> let me see. well, well, well, can this be true.
, 22-27. gonzalez: let's see what's going on here. man: he's mute. gonzalez: okay. mullins: 3-0-1 radio. we got a portable, mel? color: blue... i believe it's beige. beige... tan. all right, we're getting some further information from the victim here. two of them? well, let's tour then. 0-1, further information: two white males took this car. northbound on 5-5 about ten minutes ago. ohio license king victor zebra 8-8-9. a two-door chevy chevette 1979, tan in color. two males... two males? white? here... hold on to this. another car's going to come and make the report. we're going to go look for your car. okay? all right. all right. gonzales: don't go anywhere. stay there. after receiving some further information from this victim of this carjacking here we been touring the area a predominantly white area-- being that's what the suspects were. we believe we're on to the vehicle. got to get a better look here. we're going to be heading northbound on 49th. we're going to try to pull them over. gonzalez: turn it off, please. put your hands on the steering wheel, driver. mullins: passenger, p
man and colby, my parents still live there. that's where it started for me. but tonight is a night that we have abopportunity * to up lift and support and say thank you to all the people that certainly provide me support and provide me the motivation to get up and come to work every single day. this is an opportunity to thank and praise the people that call me stop, that e-mail me, find me on facebook, send me a twitter and pick, found me on next door. i tell you, this is your day. put your hands together. hang in there, we're almost done. but this is the day that we get to celebrate -- (applause) >> i'm calling it the nen-ers. you know what's interesting? i've been around city hall long enough to watch the nen awards grow and mature into what it is today. so, i also want to give a special shout out to daniel homesy who is the originator of this. thank you, daniel. (applause) >> also i want to acknowledge his right hand christina palone, the new director, mon, mayor's office neighborhood services over there in that corner. (applause) >> and for those of you that don't know, i rep
right at us, man. it won't stop. i believe it should be coming over this hill right about now, and there he is. here he comes right there. he turned. he turned. turning down a dead-end street. on 59th street. he's going around like he's coming back out. he can't go back out. there's only one way in. there he is. there he is. ( siren wailing ) he must have bailed out. lewis: there he is right there. the other one take off? yeah. yo. the other one went through here. okay, i'm over here on a warrant. probably down here. hell, he could be laid up under here somewhere. they got the k-9 coming? i need to put the dog in here. two guys in a stolen car they were chasing earlier? we finally caught them again and they bailed out. we got one in custody. we're looking for the other one. we've got fresh mud here but i don't see any fresh tracks. if he jumped over that fence he could have went anywhere in any direction. see if i can get back out of here. that's all i caught, jerry. he was going over the fence right when i got there. is anybody home? might have to go through the house. can w
on the investigation or follow us on twitter. >>> a richmond man accused of raping and kidnapping a child is likely to spend the rest of his life in jail. he was outside playing and the teens father found the two during the attack. and the attacker is scheduled to be sentenced may 3rd. >>> the company supplying the bolts for the bay bridge has been sited for defigs aensciency in areas. new documents so they had flagged the bolt maker in the past and the auditor was given a pass and recommended improvement. >>> we are following developing news in san francisco at this hour police are combing the area in the city's mission district where a man was shot. he was standing on the corner when two people go out of a car and one man shot him in the shoulder. the injuries are not life-threatening. >>> a hayward man has been missing since sunday and his family is growing worried. we have more on the circumstances. >>> nigel jay was last seen here and as you can see there are fliers in the window calling for help. sunday was the last day i heard from him. >> he is a wonderful guy, a father, an uncle and an awe
quincy jones. that's what's going on in our world starting now. [ man stay there. i'll come to you. [ tires screech get in. it's a black toyota. follow it. ♪ [ woman thought you were out. i was till i heard you were back in. [ man get in tight on that. i want to see that. [ whirring it's an avalon, guys. they con this. their hands they won't. [ female announcer the radically new 2013 toyota avalon. no avalon. [ female announcer unlike any avalon you've ever seen before. only the name remains. toyota. let's go places. ♪ ♪ we are the world >>> his life's work has taken us to new heights. as a world renown musician, tv and film producer, director, record executive and philanthropist, quincy jones is unstoppable. >> the record of the year is. >> the grammy goes to quincy jones and michael jackson. >> quincy joans. >> nominated for 79 grammys, jones has taken home 27. >> he was also just honored at the tribeca film festival. for a career spanning 60 years. jones has discovered and worked with some of the biggest stars of all-time. i recently sat down with quincy jones to talk abou
day. man: what it takes to actually make clean water is somewhat a mystery to most customers. woman: so how does water get from the river into your house, or here at school? woman: somebody has to bring that water to us, and somebody has to take it away when we're finished with it. man: the water infrastructure is vital for disease protection, fire protection, basic sanitation, economic development, and for our quality of life. man: you just can't visualize all the assets that are under our feet. we have about two million miles of pipe in this nation. if you're walking around in an urban area, you're probably stepping on a pipe. man: our grandparents paid for, and put in for the first time, these large distribution systems. woman: and in many cases, it's not been touched since. man: we're at a critical turning point. much of that infrastructure is wearing out. narrator: our water infrastructure is made up of complex, underground systems that function continuously. these 10 locations take a look at the history, design, and challenges of our water infrastructure systems. each one repr
communities can continue to live. man: the biggest water user in the desert is turf. turf uses a lot of irrigation and uses spray irrigation, so what we've done here is use artificial turf. you're never going to be able to achieve the look of back east or the look of, say, california, with subtropical plants, but our landscapes are still lush and use about 30% of what the subtropical landscape with turf would use. las vegas has adopted a drought tolerant ordinance. we're using less water today than we used five years ago, despite over 300,000 new residents. i think it's a pretty amazing example as to how a town can really turn on a dime if there's the political will and if the public gets behind it. narrator: even the casinos and resorts have adapted to efficient water use. mulroy: the las vegas strip uses only 3% of all the water that we deliver. and when you think about it, it's the largest economic driver in the state, the largest employer, bar none. they knew they had to go the extra mile. and they've embraced conservation. and it's almost beyond belief that they're right now in
! >> he's a man dressed like a woman who throws like a girl. >> trying to attack the woman behind the counter. >> how a fight over his foot long got one customer all wigged out. >> get it, my man. >> we've got an update on that mega viral video with the inspired commentary. >>> one baptism, two number chuks. >> meet the man of god trying to keep his voice from shaking. >> you're a pastor, you got the holy spirit. you were scared? >> the holy spirit does not have nun chuks. >> the story behind extreme excitement. >> this isn't the latest water feature at the mall. it's a small island off the coast of madagascar. heavy rains flooded the shopping center. you can see people ankle deep walking around. they're carrying umbrellas inside this small area. >> most people seem to be handling just fine until the lights go out. watch this. when the power kills, you hear people start to panic. >> it looked like they were still going about their business. >> it's hard to tell if this is one of those indoor, outdoor style malls. it may be an open air kind of mall. that may be why people aren't co
joining us is a man who coached college athletics, legendary football coach, notre dame, arkansas and south carolina, lou holtz. coach, i think they should be paid. you think what? >> i think they definitely should not be paid for a variety of different reasons. number one, they get an education. they get an education on how to live as well as an education on how to make a living. they get an unbelievable experience. they get to travel. they have lifetime memories. where does the money go, brian? number one, it pays for all sports. when you look at what happens to women's soccer? what happens to women's basketball? what happens to the olympic sports? who builds the facilities? who provides the various facilities for them to improve? the academic achievement, the academic counseling they get? in addition to that, when you look at all the video equipment that enables them to develop their talent. you want a job? drop out of school and go to work for wal-mart. you're not supposed to get rich in college. when i went to college, they say you need a
it difficult for original system designs to meet modern health standards and reliably satisfy demand. man: our water and wastewater systems really are engineering marvels. because it's buried, it's invisible to us, and we tend to take it for granted. that's a mistake. like any engineered system, it requires maintenance and periodic rehabilitation, and eventual replacement. it's so out of sight and so out of mind, that we don't realize the danger we're in. people see that their roads can cave in. their bridges are falling apart. the concern is that also the infrastructure that they can't see is falling apart. you wouldn't let your house be 100 years old and not ever do any maintenance to it. you would make sure that it was safe. 100 years ago, teddy roosevelt was president, and your pipes were brand new. now, our infrastructure is old. 100, 200 years old. it's not been upgraded or fixed or replaced, sometimes, ever. man: if these systems are not maintained, sooner or later they're going to fail. they all have a life expectancy. if you don't maintain them and constantly check them and then do wh
man who was a san francisco adult league in the year 2000 that year we was shot and killed on christmas day at the age of 20. my heart goes out to the mission. and to the mission and to the c r n of the mississippi brother john t. and 3 others. this goes out to the family. may tender memories so often your grief. and may i find comfort and peace in the of the thought joy that knowing you're loved one branch out. for time and space can never divide or keep you're loved one from your side. when memory paints in memories true the happy hours that belong to you. that's by helen steiner rice. we're praying for you all. >> thanks next speaker. >> i'm jane kennedy. i live on gwen wish street. i bring you a visually visual aid. i was a teacher in the san francisco school district. you'll not >> could you please speak directly into the microphone and and this is a large billboard saying how dangerous the overhead wires have become in the parts of the city and it concerns me with the task force who said we must attend to those so i'm taking this some time to make it a priority. w
say was totally unprovoked. a man set on fire while sitting in his car outside a convenience store. >>> panic on board on airplane. passengers scream in terror when they suddenly see water. what caused the plane to splashdown. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a big wait a second for both -- weekend for both sides of the gun control debate in san francisco. going on at the cal palace today can tomorrow despite efforts to regulate gun shows like these out of existence. and on the other side of the argument, a small but very vocal group spent the day at san francisco's city hall calling for an end to gun violence. kpix 5's don knapp has a look at both sides of the debate. [ people chanting ] >> reporter: one of these gun control advocates protesting here at san francisco city hall is mindy. she knows about gun violence firsthand. she was a teenaged camp counselor when she was shot in california in 1999 by white supremacist bowford furrow. >> he walked in and shooting shooting -- started shooting over 70 rounds of ammunition and i was shot twice if the leg. there were five of us woun
't -- nobody in the world could predict what happened in my life. i couldn't predict it man of what happened to work with every idol i ever had from billy holiday, ray charles and i came up together between 14 and 16. cab cal obey jay mcsham, buoy daisy duke ray charles aretha paul simon, frank sinatra michael jackson. >> that's the whole 20th century of black music. >> ludicrous, snoop dogg everybody. incredible, man. it is a blessing and i receive it very gracefully. >> when you got into the music business, you began as an artist. playing the trumpet. how did you get your first big break? >> i wanted to be a gangster until i was 12. >> before music, you wanted to be a gangster? >> yeah. my dad was a master carpenter in chicago in the depression. five million black people and he was a carpenter for the city's most serious triple owe gees on the planet the jones boyce. i got my medals, switchblade, seven years old, ice pick in my head. >> so what got you out of the gang life and into the music? >> oh, no no. my father was busy all the time. my mother was put in a mental home
if you want to try it. >>> a man walks into a police station, pulls a gun on a cop. >> and then the officer fired two shots at him. >> shots fired. man down! >> why police say the man pulled a fakeout to get taken out. >>> and how to trick a guy into asking you out. >> this gets them every time. >> the key is to get the guy to >>> welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out you can see today's videos and more all day long. >>> police in illinois have released this video of what happened when a man came into the police department. you can see that they have two cameras running so you can see this video from two different angles. >> if you look at the top video, you see a man. he comes into the police department. an officer talks to the man. >> police say the man told the officer he wanted to report an accident that happened in the city of mundalay, so the officers offered to drive him to that police department. they say that's when the man pulled a gun. >> a male with a gun. >> in the police station. >> in the police station. t
the school staff member intervened sdd the suspect ran away. he was described as a black man with a short buzz haircut. >>> 15-year-old austin price, the sophomore of the school was struck and killed last night by a train. he was reported playing a game of chicken with his friends at the time. the students gathered at the site to mourn the young man. >> we talked a lot about staying off of the train tracks and the safety around the train and so close to our campus. >> record shows last year 74 people were killed by moving train of california. the most of the state in the u.s.. funeral services for austin price have been scheduled for president. late this afternoon, we learn the class will resume on monday. police say someone posted a threat on a shooting rampage on a school account facebook. but, the district decided to act with an abundance of caution. the police are working to find the source of that threat. >>> new development of tonight in the death of a man san jose, a burn body have now been classified as a homicide. the man's body was found on high way 85 in san jose, police say th
learned that there is an image of a man dropping off a bag that police are look looking into, trying to figure out who that man is had and that man could be who is responsible. the investigation continues people here of boston continue to rally around each other and try to stay strong, and move forward. we are boston strong. this message from boft ron to the world as residents try to move forward after the bombing. >> this is a city that we'll get through this. >> they'll want to show their reports for the city. they decided to buy flowers. >> woe twont a florist down the street. she gave it to us, tree. >> melissa and sarah attend boston architectural college. the school is just a block from where the bombs went off. >> it's bone chilling and disturbing to know we walk there all the time. you just are fine. and next thing, you have two explosions going on. in boston of all places? it's tough think we have to have this on our mind. >> still, everything can be shifted again. and not just go back to normal because you can't do that. but move on and just be strong. >> that is what they'
doors locked as this massive man hunt is under way. there is over 9,000 offices from agencies across the board local, state, federal, police. we have seen tactical teams, swat teams here looking for this suspect on the loose. he is considered armed and dangerous. police are calling him a terrorist that was connected to the bombings. this all unfolded at 10:00 p.m.. there was a shootout on the mit campus. an officer was killed there. there was a carjacking and a police chase insued. one of the suspects in the car was killed in that shootout. the other one on the loose and both suspects believe to be connected with the bombings on monday. so is a very dangerous situation still very chaotic right now. we have seen officers all over watertown in the neighborhoods. at times there will be several police officers go in procession right behind me. this is still an active investigation as police search for this suspect considered armed and dangerous. >> all right. pam brown live there in watertown, massachusetts where that town is on lock down. we are watching all of the developments i
." >>> surveillance cameras catch an suv pulling up and a man walking up casually. the video shocker that has professional hit written all over it. >> he tackled a stabbing suspect and promptly blew up the internet. meet the student who is now big man on campus. >> you got 21 girls in the first class, hoping that all of them will be just standing there with their numbers. >> not all of them. >> a terrible scene with a 2-year-old, three stories high, hanging by the neck. he has his hands up. >> how a dude went all spider-man to save the day. >>> and a guy loses his wallet, cash, and credit cards, but dude was hungry. >> we went to the internet for help. >> see how read it really delivered. >> this is the pizza. >> are you kidding? >> an incredibly scary moment caught on surveillance video in russia. you see this suv pulling up into this view of the camera and then a man walks up very casually holding a paper bag and he is very sharply makes a 90 degree turn towards the suv and shoots. >> what? this is like he is a hired assassin or something. >> exactly what authorities believe. if you see th
they can figure out who you are. >> stephen: no one buys drugs with a credit card, man. like $20. you know, no one is tracing that, you know, nothing, you know, tune in. cash is untraceable. >> cash is untraceable but you do have to meet people. today i wanted to buy bit-coins so i can tell you what it was like. and what i found was a guy named trader 675 was willing to meet me for cash so there would be no traceable, you know, no credit card transaction >> stephen: you're on the n.p.r. right? >> okay stephen: do you guys take bit-coin in exchange for like tote bags? do you guys take it as a donation? >> we don't yet. stephen: maybe, if bit-coin gets there, we know bit-coin has made it. >> that's a good point stephen: thank you so much for joining me. host of n.p.r.'s planet money adam davidson. cdidid2eúe2 -ór[á%r%jtázwk%)# ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. thanks so much. nation, i am a huge fan of country music. from hank williams to lucinda williams to venus and serena williams. they are to country music what brooks and dunn are to tennis. and my favor
this to be a of the interest a man come here to kill people -- we believe this to be a terrorist, a man come here to kill people. >> breaking news in boston. police say one suspect licked to the boston marathon bombings is dead, another on the loose. >>> some breaking news this morning out of the bay state of massachusetts. >> one of the suspects in the boston marathon bombings is dead, the other still on the run this morning. and the suspects are brothers from an area of russia near chechnya. this morning, the suburb of watertown is shut down as police go door to door trying to find the surviving suspect. cbs reporter susan mcginnis has been following the overnight developments in the boston area. that suspect was killed early this morning in a shootout with police. here's susan mcginnis with more. >>> reporter: explosions and gunshots pierced the early- morning hours as police closed ine su othects if the boston marathon bombings. officers are going door to looking for one of the men who they say opened fire on them early this morning. >> we are asking you to stay indoors, to stay in your homes, for th
, he told her. i want to adopt. >> our slogan isn't homophobic. we are all born of a man and woman. is that phobic? you cna't chan -- can't change it by law. >> the bill passed with a 60% majority. on the left, celebrations. there are some that pay the price. to kristian in paris. is the french parliament in step with public opinion nor i had of it? -- or ahead of it? >> exactly in step. 60% voted this through, the same as the polls nationwide. the left will be pleased. it is one of the first victories they have had in many weeks. there are wild celebrations this evening because they have fulfilled what the president had as a key of election promise. it has been a divisive debate and fierce confrontations in parliament and out on the street. there is a good many people that are relieved that the debate is over. been protests against the president as well as against same-sex marriage? >> this is the question we are left pondering, how much of this is because of the catholic george parks -- the catholic church? one protested march brought something like 1 million people on the street
that this video is disturbing. it shows officers repeatedly using a taser in order to subdue a man. at one point the man is kicked in his head. the suspect is a 34-year-old man from pennsylvania. he says he was on vacation when he got into a confrontation with a hotel worker. well, that's when police were called and the man's pregnant wife started recording the incident. >> officer, can i just take him home? he's my husband. i'm pregnant. i'm stressed. >> he's resisting arrest. >> but they've been tasing him like crazy, kicking him in the head. guys, listen, i want to take him home. >> police say he made a threatening gesture toward an officer. this afternoon the man has been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and offensive touching of a law enforcement officer. >>> still to come when the news continues, a man wanders off a metro train platform and falls on to the tracks. but fellow riders jumped into action just as the train was coming and saved the victim. we'll have more details and a deadly wave of bombings shake iraq as the country prepares for elections and braces for more >
to paisley's new song "accidental racist." ♪ to the man that waited on me at the starbucks down on main ♪ ♪ i hope you understand is ♪ when i put on that tee-shirt, the only thing i meant to say is i'm a skynyrd fan ♪ the red flag on my chest somehow is like the elephant in the corner of the south ♪ >> stephen: that's right. calm down, african-american baristas. everyone knows this flag up here just means someone's a skynyrd fan. the same way that burning a cross just means someone's a madonna fan. by the way, jefferson davis, huge skynyrd fan. got on board way early. folks, paisley is so committed to kick starting a dialogue between blacks and whites that he even started one mid song with n.c.i.s. gloss star linebacker l. cool ., who -- and i did not know this -- is also an aspiring rapper. jim? ♪ gee, mr. white man, i wish you understood what the world is really like when you're living in the hood ♪ ♪ just because my pants are sagging doesn't mean i'm up to know good. i'd like to buy you a beer, conversate and clear the air but i see that red flag and i think you wish i wasn't h
man's occurs continues. i use for example the bay bridge i wonder how much that's going to be costing us in the fortune. secondly i refer to that person who broke in and defaced the wails on the second wails. i want to know if that's the incarceration of a devil or a dead man himself. if i read the comments in the chronicles articles some of the people abused the mayor. i want to caution the people in china. some people believe they're so astute eventually they'll tells us about president obama's college day and even the stuff common people won't know. in the future i won't read comments about traitor lee. on to one other thing. one to the department of public health they'll be offering some kind of public apology. $17,000 is going to a whistle blower. sham on the mayor's office. >> i want to remind people to express their support or opposition >> good afternoon i'm john. this is about violent video games. years ago through radio i discovered super man. some stupid kids jumped off buildings thinking they could flu-like him. i am a the real superman saving it for a surprise from my m
news. authhorities on the lookout this morning for a man who broke into a northern california home and killed a 9-year-old girl. it happened in valley springs, about 45 minutes north east of stockton. police say the victim's 12- year-old brother saw the man running out of his house last night. sister had been stabbed. residents to keep their doors locked. the intruder is considered armed and dangerous. pittsburg suspect sketch new this morning. pittsburg police released this sketch of a suspect whoold girl from her front yard friday afternoon. police say the toddler was with her mother playing in the front of their home when this man picked her up and started running. the suspect got about 50 feet away from the house but was startled when the girl's mother yelled after him. he then dropped the girl into some bushes and ran off. police say the toddler was unharmed. the suspect's vehicle is described as a maroon or burgundy ford explorer or similar vehicle. four men are recovering after a scary day on the bay yesterday. their boat caught fire just before ten near candlestick point. w
an elderly man's medical alert device triggered emergency services. the man began shooting at them. one firefighter was struck by gunfire but wasn't hurt thanks to a piece of equipment he was wearing. >> this firefighter happened to be wearing this, it's something routinely worn on a waistband or belt. that's where he had this particular one. a bullet struck it and that prevented him from having more significant injuries. >> the 88-year-old man who fired the shots is now being evaluated. investigators are trying to learn if he lured the firefighters to his home or accidentally set off his medical alert device. >>> checking in on other news, san jose police are searching for a hit and run driver who injured a police officer near the hp pavilion. a man leaving a concert found a burglar in his car, which was parked in a near by lot. they believe the suspect then jumped into his own car and took off. right before hitting the officer who was directing traffic that officer is recovering with a broken leg. >>> police are looking for a person who slammed a stolen car into a staples. dri crashed
one suspect is dead. a massive man hunt is under way for that second suspect. look at the pictures. a this following the night of explosions and deadly gunfire in the city just outside of boston. the associated press is reporting that the suspects are brothers and they are from the russian region of help that. >> reporter: there is a press conference getting under way. the governor is speaking. we'll let you listen in right now. >> an mit officer was seriously wounded and in -- there was an officer that was seriously wounded and is in surgery right now. there is a massive man hunt under way. a lot of law enforcement involved in that. to assist that, we have suspended all service on the public transit service. that will continue until we think it's safe to open all or some of that. we are asking people to shelter in place. in other words to stay indoors with their doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer and that applies here in watertown where we are right now. also cambridge, newton, belmont, and at this point all of
have one man in custody tonight and still searching for another one. that chase ended near east 31st street shortly before 4:00 o'clock. the driver and his passenger abandoned the stolen car and took off running. witnesses say the car was still moving with when the two men took off running in opposite directions. >> he looked lost when we got out of the car and took off. it seemed like he was being chased but there was no car but i don't know if he stole the car. >> the car came down the hill with no one in it and the officers went chases it, like grabbing the drivers door running down the hill so it didn't hit anything. >> during the chase the suspects car ran into a police vehicle. the police car was damaged but the two officers inside were not hurt. police caught one of the men but still searching for the second person. >>> now to san francisco where a 22-year-old woman was caught in the line of fire during a gang shooting. a 19 year old man suffered life threatening injuries in this shooting. investigators say that the woman was not the intended target. the gunman was last seen d
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> tonight, a look on the floor and i see. >> that's the man who broke the boston bombing case wide open. tonight, for the first time, we're hearing from the boat owner who heard the surviving suspect. >> i thought they said rice. >> the suspect in another terrorist act set free what went wrong against the ricin mailer. >>> and a fake tweet sends wall street into a tail spin. what the reaction says about social media and internet security. >>> good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. investigators say he was ambushed and killed for his gun during the man hunt for the boston marathon bombers. meanwhile, we're learning more about how the bombs were built and when. kpix5's allen martin tells us the suspects started shopping months ago. >> on february 6, ten weeks before the marathon bombings, dzhokhar tsarnaev walked into the fire works store and bought two lock and load kits. contained 24 shells. investigators now are trying to determine if the brothers used the black powder from those fireworks as the explosive in the pre
for right now. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> ama: police out in force again today, looking for man accused of grabbing a young child and trying to run off. good evening, i'm ama daetz. it happened in pittsburg in corrosion -- contra costa county. this sketch has been released and police are looking for the man who was scared off by the wild's mother. lisa amin gulezian has the latest. >> lisa: just a little while ago officers started going door to door with this flier in hand. a sketch of a man police say tried to kidnap a little girl yesterday afternoon. police hope the man in the flyer will look familiar to someone who can help identify him. the attempted kidnapping happened just before 2:00 here at snow flake way and raindrop circle. the man walked up to a two-year-old girl as she played in her driveway. he grabbed her and started running. her mother screamed and chased the suspect, who topped the little girl in bushes and kept running. police have been searching the neighborhood for clues. special search dogs were brought no to try to catch the suspect's seen -- scent. those wh
parents are grieving over their loss. tonight the search for the man what who established leila fowler in her own home. she was found by her older brother who was in the house at the time. >> sheriff's deputies talked about the latest in that investigation. >> the cause of death was listed as shock and hemorrhage due to stabbing. we also want to report members of the sheriff's office, california state patrol, and the probation department have nearly completed, contacted and in many cases, contacted all sex offenders. >> we checked them because we wanted to know what their whereabouts were and to see if there was anything that was on their person or in their home that would have tied back to this case. we also spoke to them hoping that somebody in this community, including those folks could provide us with some information that may have led to further information in the case. >> and possible lead for investigators tonight a man who says that he gave another man a ride home not long after this crime happened. the person had blood on him. the man now feels he was acting suspershiously. >>
miles per -- along 580, 23 miles per hour, so, slow going. >> in the north bay a man wanted in a carjacking spree is under arrest for abducting a driver at gunpoint and trying to do the same to another. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more. >> he was amended and started the crime spree here in this shopping center where he kidnapped a man. the 30-year-old jeffrey boyce is in jail. officers found 200 rounds of assault rifle bullets in the truck. the first location he committed crimes was right here, kidnapping a man at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and he tried to kidnap a woman at 6:30. he started by ordering a man at gunpoint to drive him around. they say the man did and they came back to the shopping center where police say he tried to move the guns from his car to the victim's car. the victim was able to runaway. in greenbrae he tried to kidnap a woman at gunpoint but something spooked him and he ran away. police found him in a neighborhood shortly after. he is from oregon and his mother called san francisco police to tell them she shot he was headed there way and could
we got this call so we're going to check it out and see if this man's anywhere around here. ( garbled radio transmission ) man: 3-31. 10-4. ah! yep! hey, tony, it looks like he broke into one of them right here. was he wearing a white shirt? try ahead. he may be out there. where at? a suspect on this call was just seen running down the street by the other officer. we're going to try to get up here and catch him. 3-46. we got a party running northbound looks like down on chelsea. black male. white shirt. black pants. ( radio static ) dispatcher: 3-1. it's a black male in a white shirt, black pants. get out! get out! get your hands out! get your hands where we can see them. come on out. hands first. come on. hands first. come on. come on out. come on out. i want to come out slow. come on out. behind the pizza hut. 3-1 and van bryant. we got the party in the bushes. dispatcher: 10-4. come on out! come on out! let's go! face down on the ground! right here! get your face down. face down. get your arms back! affirmative. dispatcher: 10-4. in custody. 3-1 and van bryant. 21-21.
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